Alright. It’s playtime.

Everyone’s going back to school already!?
It’s like this every August. I have envy… knowing I’ve still got two more weeks to hear about my children’s boredom, in painful droning tones. It’s been an ok summer so far. But, aside from a great week of surf camp, some painful fun golf with my son, and my daughter’s performance in the community theater production of Hairspray, it’s been nothing to write home about.

I don’t have too many more summer breaks with these little people, before they fly the nest. *sigh* So I’m going to take the next couple of weeks off and enjoy these little fuckers, if it kills me. It’s time for us to make this summer a memorable one. I promise to return after Labor Day with some kickass stories.

Until then…
(((humping you furiously)))

…and if you don’t get the above humping reference, and think I’m nuts, go here….
You’ll thank me. This girlfriend is HILARIOUS.

• • •

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2 Thoughts on “Alright. It’s playtime.

  1. I’ve been back with kids for a week and a half. I could use a good furious humping. And a beer. And a day off.

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