Burnt sulfur and feces

Does your brown business smell like the dumpster behind a butcher shop?  Does the thought of going #2 anywhere but home scare the poop back up the chute? Will you pinch back a prairie dog until the fear of shitting yourself outweighs the nightmare of a brown cloud walk of shame? There may be help on the way.

If their viral video is any indication, this is one kickass product. My completely juvenile sense is entirely too entertained by this cleverly hilarious, yet informative spot. I’ve ordered a bottle. So I’ll follow up with my product review soon. I’ll let the video explain the product and use.

My home should be the perfect test ground. My feces aren’t foul, of course. Mine smells like a rose. But everyone else here makes a barnyard smell like a daisy.

So stay tuned. I’ll have a product review next week. And in the interim, just know that no one is fooled by the lit match. It just smells like burnt sulfur and feces.

Until then, *in my best proper British accent* enjoy a little poop humor, won’t you? I’ve watched this several times, and it still makes me giggle like a six-year old boy with a naked Barbie.




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One Thought on “Burnt sulfur and feces

  1. That’s hilarious. I’ll definitely be back to read your product review. I checked it out on amazon and am thinking of purchasing the “Poo-Pourri ‘Master Crapsman’ Gift Set” if it works.

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