I’ve missed you! Have you missed me?

Don’t answer that.
HI! I know, I know… you thought I died, or ran away with the circus or something, huh? Puhleeeeeeez… like I would ever run away with the circus. Althoooooooooough… if Tom Mison was the lion tamer… ok, maybe I might.
As IF that’d happen.

So back to my exit from life. I restarted my binge-writing as more of a therapy than anything. Hey, if you had a clue what the hell I dealt with here, you’d understand my need for therapy. I needed an escape from my life. I took somewhat of a break from my design work and played in the sandbox with y’all for a while. You guys are awesome, by the way. It was the well-needed break that I need to refuel my first love… print design.

In the past months, I’ve been putting together a letterpress studio in my design office. I’m having more fun than I’ve had in years. I’m loving printing and creating stationery, cheeky greeting cards, wedding invites, and announcements. I’ve also been blogging over there…. mostly about what I’m doing in the studio. But stay tuned, things could get crazy.


Cheeky is my middle name. Find this card and others at Sparkle Pony.

Come visit me over there. My new studio is Sparkle Pony Press. Most of the cards have the cheeky twist you’ve known me for. Stop by sometime and say hi!

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