Luuuucyyy, you have some splainin’ to doooo

lucyI was just looking at traffic stats for my site for the week and noticed something in today’s search engine terms that jumped out at me. It’s always interesting to see what someone was looking for when they came here. But WHAT exactly was someone hoping to find when searching, “dildo goes in ass and comes out of mouth”? And I guess the question that concerns me more is, did this person find what he/she was looking for here? *violent heebie jeebie*SEO-terms

I’m usually a pleaser. But in this case, I’m pretty sure this searcher’s visit here was a short and unsatisfying one. And I think I’m ok with that.

• • •

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4 Thoughts on “Luuuucyyy, you have some splainin’ to doooo

  1. I always love reading my own or hearing about other people’s search term results, but that’s gross. WTH?

  2. HAHAHA! Someone searched for “bra pissed on” before coming to my blog the other day. Uhhhhhh, either I need to tell them that it ain’t *that* kind of blog–or to just wash the damn thing.

  3. I don’t think I want to know what *that* kind of blog would be! Some people have, um, interesting tastes.

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