Punctuation can turn a party into a partaaaaay *bowchicabowbow*

So we have a restaurant/brewery here in S. Cal. The name tends to bring snickers to some of the more juvenile folks around here. Ok…. me. Ya, I admit it… I’m not above the giggles. The name of the restaurant is BJ’s. And my son loves BJ’s. … Um …. Well, anyway.

I do as well… their gluten-free menu is great. Yes folks, BJ’s…. gluten-free. *snicker* See… told you. You giggled too… admit it.

Anyhooooo…. yesterday I saw a TV spot for their new promo. Swear to God, people. You can’t make this shit up. Ok, someone did. But not me.

Their new promo: BJs“Party for two.”

As in, “BJ’s Party for Two”

Or as I want to do on all their menus… add a well-placed comma, and make it,

“BJ’s, party for two.”

This reminds me of the Uncle Jack punctuation lesson. A comma is the difference between helping your uncle Jack, off his horse. And helping your uncle jack off his horse.

I really should have been an English teacher.
• • •

I gave you BJ’s today. Isn’t *that* worth a vote?

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2 Thoughts on “Punctuation can turn a party into a partaaaaay *bowchicabowbow*

  1. BJs are gluten free!? Wait…how am I going to get out of…nevermind…

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