Some Rave Reviews


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“Hey, I love your blog. Bullcasm fucking rocks.”
— Jenny Lawson


Yup. That totally happened. Jenny Lawson said Bullcasm fucking rocks. And I totally didn’t tell her to say that.

Ok. Maybe I did.
Just a little bit.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


And there are the awesome people
who like Bullcasm without me telling them what to say:

“Her no-bull funny wit will make your day.” — Jen

“Read it and laugh.” — Rachel

“You made my day as only you can.” — Anita

“Oh my God. You freaking kill me.” — Mary

“My mom is so funny. And she didn’t make me say that.” — Lynn’s son

“My mom has a blog?” — Lynn’s daughter

“Do you know that moment in the movie, Billy Madison, where Billy (Adam Sandler) calls Steve Buschemi to apologize for being a dick years ago in school, and after the call ends Buschemi crosses Adam of the list of “people to kill”? I kinda had that moment after reading your blog last night. Except I wasn’t actually planning on killing anyone. The person I crossed of my list was a coworker, and if she knew any better, she would send you a present. All joking aside…you’re an awesome writer and the world would miss out on something great if you ever stopped.” — Shanna

Did you catch that, people? My writing saves lives. Sort of.
Ok, carry on.

“Completely inappropriate… and I like it!!” — Lisa

“I can’t read Bullcasm without pissing myself.” — Michelle

“You’re kind of a dick when you drink.” — Lynn’s college roommate

“I know. That was stupid. Please don’t put it in your blog.” — Lynn’s husband

2 Thoughts on “Some Rave Reviews

  1. Lisa Scarsi on June 12, 2013 at 9:29 am said:

    Completely inappropriate . . . and I like it!!