Stuff that cracked me up this week

I know I’m a bit late this week. The holiday threw me off a tad. But I did run across a couple of good giggly nuggets to share. Please… do yourself a favor. If you haven’t discovered The Oatmeal yet, and want to get lost for a while, go there. I’ve killed more time, laughing my ass off on their site this week. I love this sweet story about his whacked out cat. My particular favorites… the greeting cards. Four pages of pure hilarity. Get ready to cackle your asses off, y’all.




I love this. I think the best is the back tattoo…
“Yes, buying me a drink will totally work.”
Check out the rest of the giggle fest.







Handing you a justified excuse to get soused on a work day seemed like the greatest gift I could offer up today. Especially since this week I’m a little thin on the laugh-wrap-up. It’s been a busy week with all the BBQing and blowing shit up on Thursday.

So take your flask to work. And the next time your job requires a little creative thinking, here’s your solution. Check out the full chart.

I’m sure you can make some very good use of it this week. Just refer your boss to this. Now I don’t suppose after handing you this little tidbit, that I have to tell you to have a good week. Do I?
You’rrrrre welcome!


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