Stuff that cracked me up this week

moon-over-5thgradeWhere did this week go!? I have some seriously funny shit that I’ve been squirreling away for y’all this week. So let’s get to it.

I don’t care if this was staged. When I saw this, I was all like, Holy shit I just shot iced tea through my nose. Which, if you’re wondering doesn’t hurt as much as soda, and not as gross as milk, but still is not a positive experience. And yes, I must have some sort of issue with my mouth-to-nasal-cavity reverse valve. Because this tends to happen to me on occasion. Yeh… TMI.

But anywooooo… is this “moon over 5th grade” not the greatest class photo in, like, ever? Check out the little girl’s face to the left of mooncheeks. It seems that her proximity to the raw biscuits isn’t really floating her boat. Thanks to these guys for sharing this. I will never be able to look at another class photo in the same way again. I don’t dare show this to my kids, for fear that they may try to crack this off themselves. That’s not a phone call from school that I need to get.


Emma, I tip my tiara to you….knock














If this is the second most awesome thing he’s heard on an airplane, I really really really want to know what the first most awesome thing was. The next time I’m flying, I hope this guy’s my pilot.

Thanks to The Oatmeal for this bit of pure awesome.


And now I give you, the difference in color perception between men and women.
I can offer you nothing more accurate this week than this… Thank you to these guys.














I knew when it totally made me snort, I had to share this one with you.





Yes. I’m so glad to know that hot lava is still alive and well in college dorms across the country. Hopping from sofa to chair to desk is a valuable skill in the workforce.

It’s also worth remembering that if you leave your arm hanging over the edge, the alligators under the bed will bite it off.

Keep up the good work, kids.










Do yourself a favor and go to this link. These bar signs just remind me that people who hang out with alcohol are hilarious. And I either need to hang around these people more. Or drink alone more often.

Which reminds me.
I need a refill.
Right now.



I hope your weekend is full of giggles and fun. And you don’t fall in the hot lava. And the gators under your bed don’t eat your arms.



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5 Thoughts on “Stuff that cracked me up this week

  1. OMG OMG OMG…I am so doing a hot lava in my classroom on the first day!

  2. My husband doesn’t even have that many colors in his, um, color repertoire. He only has the primary colors, that’s it. Pink and purple? No, those are all red to him.

    Drives me crazy.

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