The Nativity: sponsored by Hershey’s Kisses (not really)

Aaaah, the scenic countryside, the wine, and tradition of afternoon siestas—I do love Spain. Those people know how to live. And, maybe it’s the wine, but they definitely know how to put the jolly into the jolly holidays as well.

Forget your plain old nativity, with Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus and the rest. The Catalonians of Spain, take their nativity with a helping of poop humor, dealt by the nativity “Caganer.”

Traditional Catalan nativities include the “Caganer,” considered the token for luck and prosperity. If we’re talking literal translation, Caganer means “crapper.” Biscuits bared and in the act—I know you’re thinking it… “holy shit,” right?

I’m still a little confused how a dude pinching a loaf came to represent luck and prosperity. Their reasons range from the “everyone poops, therefore we’re all equal” explanation, to the “fertilizer of the earth” logic. Though the genesis to luck and prosperity still eludes me. Oh well. I’ll embrace any excuse for inappropriate humor. Because that’s just me.

These funny little guys are usually tucked in behind the manger, or back in a corner somewhere. Because featuring your Caganer, front and center would be ALL wrong. Baby Jesus does not need to see that shit. I’m told the Catalonian children enjoy the search for the hidden pooper in the nativity. Because, what kid wouldn’t, right y’all? Hey, don’t judge. We all have our odd holiday traditions. Though hopefully not many of them include people shitting themselves. I’m looking at you, drunk uncle.

Traditionally the Caganers are dressed in black pants and a red cap with a white shirt, and of course, a bare pink bottom. The requisite Caganer business is always present in a tasteful (or tasteless) pile. However, since the 1940’s it’s been popular to include celebrity and pop culture Caganers in the holiday cheer. Because everyone needs little Lady Gaga pinching a loaf in their nativity. Right?

I don’t know if this tradition will ever catch on here. Catalonians embrace the fun and humor along with the tradition, more than the physical disgust of a deuce-dropper in their nativity. But I can say I’m a fan of the light-hearted tradition of luck and prosperity via a little poop humor. Just don’t ask me to stand next to the Caganer in the live nativity.

They’re pretty serious about their nativity poopers. It seems anyone who’s anyone is made into a Caganer. I guess you know you’ve made it if they craft an effigy of you with your cheeks in the breeze.


Apparently William and Kate poop with Mick. And they have a Beefeater present… you know, for appearances.




You can tell by his face, that Spongebob’s was a very satisfying dump.



These are just a few of my personal favorites. Feel free to search “caganers for sale” and see what you come up with. I’ve left off the anatomically correct collection, complete with giggly bits. But the sky seems to be the limit with these little guys. Have fun.


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