*double take* What?

Every day I run across things that make me say, “What. the. hell?” But I rarely actually snap a pic of one of them. I really need to get better at that. I’ll thank Tyler for documenting this one for what-the-fuck history. We tripped on this while we were walking around the Warner Bros studios. Isn’t it fun how I throw that out there, like I cruise the lot all the time. If I did, it would be because I crashed the gate to see if I could eat my lunch off of Adam Levine’s abs. Otherwise I generally have no business being there.

We were there to watch a group of super-talented people record the score for one of the episodes of the ABC show, Once Upon a Time. (Thank you Tyler Parkinson and Mark Isham.) After the session, walking around we came upon this little gem. Someone’s idea of a kickass hood ornament… a mangy prop crow with only a few of his tail feathers left. Sadly, I totally relate to this crow. I guess it’s appropriate that it was on the hood of the “Two Broke Girls” utility truck.

crow hood ornament

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