You people are sick

If you’re a savvy subscriber and you’ve been getting your daily dose of Bullcasm this week, you’re up to date on the Gummy Saga. If not, there’s still hope for you. Isn’t that nice of me? If you don’t want to miss out in the future, you can subscribe over there on the right sidebar. ———>
And then you can catch up below. Dang. I am such a giver.

So anyhooo… now you’re all caught up. I’ll keep it brief today. Cuz that was a lot of reading this week, huh? The photo below is in response to requests for Gummy Cannibal follow-up photos.     Seriously?

Apparently the verdict is in, and three out of three Gummies prefer red meat.

You people are sick.

Oh well. Ok then… here you go. Sorry for the graphic nature. I know. It’s pretty gruesome. No one said cannibalism was pretty. And you asked for it.

And on a related note, YES, I’m feeling a little lazy today. Hey, it’s a short read. You’re welcome!

It’s FRIDAY! I hope you all have a lovely, non-cannibalistic weekend.


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