You’re a little skeevy, Google

Wow, people! A whole new level of interest has just been added to Bullcasm. Someone brought it to my attention, that if you google “bullcasm,” not only does “bullcasm” not come up anywhere on the first page, but google is so very kind, and assuming you meant to type “bullcams,” they go ahead and search “bullcams” for you. Isn’t that nice of them!? And, let’s just say there’s a whole “bullcams” world out there that I didn’t know existed. Although as the name would imply, it seems to have little to do with large male bovines. Though horny animals seem highly likely to be involved. Who knew… bullcams was a thing? Cleeeeeeeeearly I need to get out more. There’s a very spankalicious world to be explored out there. Hey, you’re welcome!


2 Thoughts on “You’re a little skeevy, Google

  1. Shanna on May 19, 2013 at 6:28 pm said:

    Wtf? No kidding….I just googled your page to show my friend your blog and google on my iPad would not even give me your website as an option. No matter how hard I tried to NOT search bullcams, stupid google insisted I should. I don’t know about everyone else but bullcasm makes a lot more sense in my world then bullcams! Btw….google must be in bed with auto correct because auto correct keeps changing bullcasm to bullcams. Auto correct is a whore.

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