Be the Bear … BE the Bear.

sfk-awesomeI know I haven’t done “Stuff that cracked me up this week” in quite a while. I haven’t had much time in the webscapes to see what’s going on in the world. And I seriously miss you guys.

But this week, I didn’t have to go looking for the pure awesome. It came to me. Sort of.

My absence from this blog speaks volumes on my need for a kick in the ass. And then this happened on Monday. I couldn’t be more inspired by a guy who whips out his guerilla mascot tactics and grabs his 15 minutes of fame by the furry little bear nuts. And for this, I give him the Bullcasm “Sofa King” Awesome award. Ok, it’s less of an award, and more of a stupid banner on a blog post. But, hey, it’s all I’ve got.

So I was surprised to learn early Tuesday morning, this guy who took the crowd by storm (and who was graciously invited to leave and not return to Dodger Stadium for six months), was a friend of ours. Mark is a fraternity brother of my husband’s, and has been a friend for a very long time. And the fact that Mark put on a bear suit and took control Monday night is not a surprise. The surprise to me is that he didn’t pull this off sooner.

Look! It’s Dustin Hoffman, front row, center… where else would Dustin Hoffman be? Check him out, he’s liking Rally Bear. (credit:

Mark has been a professional mascot over the years. And a very good one. He’s rallied the crowd at two Super Bowls, and was “Tremor,” the mascot for the minor league baseball team, the Quakes. Mark kicked off his career as the best “Tuffy Titan” Cal. St. Fullerton has ever seen. So seeing him in a bear suit Monday night was like a wonderful blast from the past.

I’m the first to admit, I’m no spring chicken. Which consequently would be an awesome mascot. Just sayin. (You’re welcome, random team who wants to use that.) Anyway, to see Mark taking control like that was inspiring.

He’s been trying to get the Dodgers to talk to him about mascotting for them. They’ve been lukewarm on the whole idea. So he decided to show them his stuff. And that he did. And Dustin Hoffman liked it. Ya, y’all, I mean that Dustin Hoffman. Are you out there, Mr. Hoffman? Sign Mark’s petition if you want to save the “Rally Bear.”

So I salute you, “Rally Bear.” Thanks for inspiring me to grab life by the bag of salted, unshelled peanuts. You GO, Mark Monninger. The L.A.Dodgers need a mascot. And you’re the right bear for the job.

All this makes me want to get off my ass. I’m inspired that Mark isn’t waiting around for someone to make a decision. I’m inspired that he’s taking control. I’m inspired that, at 50, the bastard can still do the splits. That kind of pisses me off… I can’t even do the splits. *drops head and kicks the dirt* But I’m done sitting here whimpering about my lack of motivation. It’s high time that I Be the Bear, and start taking control of the shitstorm that is my life.

Have a great weekend, you guys. BE the bear!

• • •

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