The Labia of Arabia

vagina-stadiumThere are some things that just cannot go unnoticed. And I feel a sense of responsibility to point these things out. Things like, say, a gigantic vagina stadium.

Yup, swear to God. Or in this case, Allah. This piece of modern architecture couldn’t look more like a mother-of-the-earth-sized vajayjay if they tried. Which, I’m calling bullshit on what they’re calling a mistake. I believe the architect is a woman. Has she really never seen one for comparison?

And, sorry to disappoint you. Just when you thought you already knew the biggest cunt in the world, some architect goes and proves you wrong. Get in line, (fill in the blank… mother-in-law, boss, whatever), you’re only the second biggest one on the planet. But your effort is notable. Keep up the good work.

And let me get this straight. Women have to cover their faces in Qatar? Can they bare the beav as long as their faces are covered, or is it just giant effigies that are okey dokey in plain view? Men can erect a giant lady business stadium in which boys can play with their balls. But a woman’s cheekbones go against all that is holy? Color me confused.
I think for the grand opening, the devil baby hot air balloon should take off from the field, emerging from the giant vagina. Someone needs to make this happen, y’all.

I’m begging.

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