My name is Lynn, and I’m a Candyland addict.

It’s time for me to stand up and admit this to you all. My name is Lynn, and I’m a Candyland-crack addict. I’ve come down off of a weekend trip… trying to steal away private moments to get my fix. Ignoring things that needed to be done, just to nab some time for my Candyland habit. I knew I had a problem when my husband walked in on me… mid-snort… caught up in giggle convulsions. Yes. It’s true. I’m an addict. And I need help.

I’m not a selfish addict though. I am all about sharing. There’s plenty of Candyland to go around. It’s always more fun for an addict when everyone else is hooked too. I’m setting out to create my own Candyland addiction circle. I’m not talkin’ the board game either, people. I’m talking about the wildly entertaining web series, set in a snobby, Palisades preschool. These aren’t your typical kidlets. Each of the Candyland cuties is a concoction of innocence, conniving and evil, all rolled into a pint-sized package. They’ll draw you in, and have you begging for more. More hilarity. More drama. More fun.

I’m not turning you on to garbage here… I swear to you. I only do the good stuff. The production quality is solid. And the acting is actually pretty impressive for these little darlings. I have no shame. I’m proud of my addiction and happy to pass it on.

Season One is already on the books. Yes, that’s right, people. I’m late to the party. But these are quick little episodes, 5-6 minutes, and you can catch up on the first season in a flash. And then, like me, be begging for more. OOOH, the agony of a cliffhanger. I’m jonesin’ here, people.

I’ll hook you up. Here’s Episode One. The rest of the season is on the site or youtube. And then join me in the anticipation of Season Two. “Like” the Candyland Series on Facebook or follow them on Twitter, and you’ll be the first to know when the new batch of Candyland is ready for the snorts and giggles.

You’re welcome…

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4 Thoughts on “My name is Lynn, and I’m a Candyland addict.

  1. YAY, what a great review on CandyLand! Thanks Lynn … maybe you should see if your local church offers CA meetings?

    • Hahahahaha! CA meetings would be awesome. I’m sure the cookies would be good. I don’t know how effective it would be though. I plan to fall off the wagon shortly… when new episodes come my way. I’m ok with the addiction! 😉

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